We believe in giving the best quality training to both our green horses and retrain horses to ensure their well-being throughout their lives.  A horse that is not pleasant to handle or unpleasant to ride is all too likely to land in some undesirable setting in the future.  Training the basics properly from the beginning is essential. We work in the round pen extensively using Natural Horsemanship techniques to develop a respectful and understanding learning environment for all horses. Once the basic groundwork is established, then we move on to under-saddle training, again starting with the basics. If a horse is not progressing, most likely they are missing some vital element of their previous training. If a horse is misbehaving, they most likely are either scared, in pain, or not understanding your directions. Horses are such kind, devoted and big-hearted souls that they deserve the best to figure out what works for each individual and what does not.